Oil container seepage approach: This is a typical lubrication technique, specifically suitable for reduced to medium-speed operating atmospheres. The self-aligning round bearing is partially immersed in lubricating oil. When the component turns, the lubricating oil is gotten and after that recedes right into the oil sump. The oil degree should be a little lower than the center of all-time low of the sphere to ensure optimum lubrication.

Oil leaking technique: For bearing components that call for exact amounts of lubricating oil, the oil leaking approach is a good selection. The regularity of oil leaking is normally regulated to one decrease every 3 to 8 seconds. Too much lubricating oil might create the bearing temperature level to climb.

(bearings lubrication)

Circulation method: This method uses an oil pump to transport filtered lubricating oil to the bearing parts. The lubricating oil, after travelling through the bearing, is filtered and cooled before reuse. Since distributing oil can efficiently get rid of warmth, this technique is particularly appropriate for high-speed bearing components.

Spray technique: Mix dry pressed air and lubricating oil through a sprayer to create an oil mist and spray it onto the bearing. This technique can not only successfully reduce the bearing temperature level however likewise protect against the invasion of impurities. It is particularly appropriate for birthing lubrication in high-speed and high-temperature environments.

Injection method: Utilize an oil pump to infuse high-pressure lubricating oil directly onto the bearing via a nozzle, and afterwards the lubricating oil moves right into the oil groove from the various other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at broadband, the high-speed rotation of its moving aspects and cage will create air movement. This approach can efficiently use this air flow for lubrication.


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