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An introduction to the express delivery method from China to the United States


An introduction to the express delivery method from China to the United States

Sending things quickly from China to the United States requires express delivery, also called express delivery. This method is faster and more reliable than mail. After you've settled on your approach, there are a few other things to try.


– DHL Shipping from China to USA


DHL Express is a courier service that has been around since 1969. It is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. The company is rated as the largest courier service company in the world. It exists in China with its regional headquarters in Beijing. It provides international shipping and delivery services around the world.


— FedEx shipping from China to the US


FedEx is another top express delivery service in the world. It is headquartered in the US but has offices around the world, even in China. It started in 1971 and took less than 40 years to become the leading courier service. It has more than 82 branches and sends more than 220 cargo flights per week from China.


– UPS from China to USA


United States-based United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the best international express delivery services. Founded in 1907, this company is one of the oldest express delivery services. In 2005, it partnered with China Express to provide the first nonstop delivery service direct to China. Its main office in China is in Shanghai, but it also has offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. The company arranges the delivery between the buyer and the seller.


– China EMS from China to USA


In 1980, China Post Express and Logistics Co., Ltd., also known as China Express, started to handle international mail. In 1984, it also began to handle domestic shipping business. EMS is a courier service with over 45,000 offices and over 100,000 employees. It is owned by China Post Group Corporation. It has jobs in every town in China and more than 200 other countries. It is headquartered in Beijing.


– Shipping from China to the US via ePacket


Most stores in Hong Kong and China use this shipping method. This is one of the fastest ways to ship from China to the US, and customers can use China Post to track their ePacket tracking number. Most packages are shipped within 30 days.


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