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Testing of SKF bearings radial clearance

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According to the differences in the functional characteristics and operating conditions of SKF bearings, after selecting the appropriate bearing type, you need to conduct a regular review of the SKF bearings. These views include the specifications and processing accuracy of the bearings and assembly parts and the quality of the lubrication, whether the components are worn, etc.
Of course, after checking the SKF bearings, the following operations should also be carried out: One is to clean the bearings. One thing to pay attention to is that SKF bearings with sealing equipment can save the cleaning process because cleaning will affect the inside of the bearings. The intrusion of foreign matter affects the regular use of the bearing; second, it is necessary to maintain the bearing's monotony. For the taking that needs to be cleaned, it is essential to dry the bearing after cleaning the bearing's rust inhibitor. Otherwise, it will quickly lead to the bearing The rust; the third is to stick to the lubricating degree of lubrication.
In addition to the inspection work before the bearing equipment, the radial clearance of the bearing should also be tested. The radial clearance mainly includes the first removal of the bearing under natural conditions, the cooperative clearance that causes the initial approval to change after the bearing equipment, and the practical clearance formed under the effect of temperature and load. Because the size of the radial clearance directly affects the SKF bearing's operating temperature, oscillation, and lifetime value of service life, it is particularly important to detect the SKF bearing's radial clearance. Regarding different bearings, how to measure its radial clearance?
1. The measurement of radial clearance needs to be measured with special instruments as much as possible. When there is no particular instrument on hand, feeler gauges and other things can be used for measurement. When using the feeler gauge to measure, it should be noted that the roller should not be measured from the previous method of rolling the feeler gauge. When the manual process of measurement is used, this method has higher requirements on the measurer and is prone to errors, so it is generally not recommended.
2. Regarding SKF multi-row bearings, each row's clearance requirements are very high, and it is necessary to be fully qualified.
3. During the measurement, make sure that the roller of the bearing falls into the bottom of the groove.

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