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Abnormal operation of KOYO clutch bearing

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Under normal circumstances, the clutch bearing will not be excited, but if excitation occurs, the condition must be checked. Reasons and emergency measures for some failures in the use of KOYO bearings:
1. The rolling sound of the bearing
Use the size and sound quality of the audio equipment to check the operation of KOYO bearings. Even if the clutch bearing is slightly peeled off and other damages, abnormal tones and sounds produced by irregular measurement equipment will be distinguished from the sound measurement results.
2. Bearing vibration
KOYO bearing vibration is very sensitive to bearing damage, such as peeling, indentation, rust, cracking, abrasion, etc. will be reflected in the bearing vibration measurement. Therefore, the amplitude of vibration can be measured by using a special bearing vibration measurement (frequency analyzer, etc.) , The frequency analysis can be inferred from abnormal conditions. The measurement value of the sensor position used or installed under the bearing condition is different, so each machine needs to analyze and compare the predetermined standard measurement value.
3. Bearing temperature
The temperature of the bearing can be inferred, usually the temperature outside the KOYO bearing chamber. It is more appropriate if the hole can be used to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the bearing. Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature will increase for 1-2 hours and slowly reach a steady state. The normal temperature of the machine changes with the bearing's heat capacity, large heat capacity, speed and load changes. If the lubricated clutch bearing is operated during inspection and troubleshooting, please install appropriate parts, the bearing temperature will suddenly rise, and the operation will stop when abnormally high temperature occurs, and take necessary precautions.
After disassembly, check whether the clutch bearing is damaged according to the damaged KOYO bearing to determine the cause of the bearing failure and damage.
The sound is crisp, the sharp squeaking sound may be caused by insufficient lubrication, and the improper bearing clearance can also cause metal sound. The dents on the outer ring of the bearing can cause vibration. As for equipment caused by knocking scars, noise is generated, and the speed levels are different. If there is intermittent noise, the rolling parts may be damaged. This sound will appear. When the surface is damaged, it will cause the start date. If the pollution of the hissing sound often causes serious damage to the clutch bearing, it will produce huge irregular noise .
However, there is usually no need to replace the clutch bearing at this time. Therefore, it is of course possible to perceive damage through hearing. If you use better methods, such as electronic health monitoring equipment, operate before the eruption.
KOYO rolling mill bearing noise leads to regular maintenance
When the KOYO bearings disassembled during the regular maintenance, operation and replacement of peripheral parts of the rolling mill are out of service, it is necessary to determine whether auxiliary bearing parts can be used again and record the operating conditions. .
1. Any one of the inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and bearing has cracks and chipping.
2. Strip off any inner and outer rings and rolling elements.
3. The surface of the raceway, the ribs and rolling elements are severely stuck.
4. The bracket is severely worn or the rivet is loose and violent.
5. The surface of the raceway and rolling elements are rusty and scratched.
6. The rolling surface and rolling body have obvious indentations and scratches.
7. There is creep on the inner diameter surface of the inner ring or the outer diameter of the outer ring.
8. Overheat and change the color drastically.
9. The sealing ring and dust cover of the grease-sealed bearing have been severely damaged.

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