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What Are The Characteristics And Hazards Of Nano Silver?

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Nano silver particles have an extremely important position in the field of microelectronics due to their good electrical conductivity. The surface effect and quantum size effect of nano-silver particles make it also have some special applications, such as surface-enhanced Raman applications and medical applications.
1. Nano silver is a powdery silver element with a particle size of less than 100nm, generally between 25-50nm.
2. The performance of nano silver is directly related to its particle size.
Studies have found that the smaller the particle size, the stronger the sterilization performance.
Nano silver has antibacterial characteristics and is applied to life. Among them, it is used in baby products, tableware and feeding bottles. Nansheng nano silver antibacterial tableware is a safe material. Bier milk bottles (Bier nano silver PES puzzle milk bottle, Bier silver Ion PES puzzle milk bottle and Bier PES combination puzzle milk bottle) all contain nano silver material. Nano silver is a safe material and is widely used by people.

Yonhap News Agency, Seoul, August 13th. According to the results of a study, inhaling a large amount of silver nanoparticles may cause damage to the liver. However, so far, due to its excellent antibacterial effect, nano silver is still widely used in baby bottles, toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste, air purifiers and other products.
On the 12th, Professor Yuri of Hussey University stated that he and the Institute of Toxicity, a subsidiary of the Korea Institute of Construction and Living Environment, conducted animal tests on the toxicity of ingested nano-silver and obtained the above results. However, the hazard applied to the body surface has no results and can be considered harmless.
Professor Yu said that the research team injected 30mg/kg, 125mg/kg, and 500mg/kg of silver nanoparticles into mice. Results The liver of mice injected with more than 125 mg/kg of silver nanoparticles had a toxic reaction.
In addition, male mice injected with 500 mg/kg in the body within 4 weeks lost weight.
But the male mice painted on the body surface showed no adverse reactions.
Professor Yu suggested that the minimum observed adverse effect dose (LOAEL) and the lowest dose of adverse reactions (LOAEL) should be determined as 125 mg/kg and 30 mg/kg, respectively.
He also said: "Although it cannot be finalized whether it is harmful to the human body, the government needs to formulate safety standards for the amount of nano-silver for baby bottles, toys, textiles, packaging materials and other products in the future."
His paper "Subchronic oral toxicity of silver nanoparticles" (Subchronic oral toxicity of silver nanoparticles) was published on the 7th of this month in the British research journal "Particle and Fibre Toxicology".

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